Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) enables people to:

  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues
  • Provide help on a first aid basis
  • Effectively guide others in the right direction towards support

Mental Health First Aid is an educational course which teaches people how to identify, understand and help a person who may be developing a mental health issue. In the same way as we learn physical first aid, Mental Health First Aid teaches you how to recognise those crucial warning signs of mental ill health.

MHFA England continually develop their training programs to keep them at the cutting edge of research and best practice. Their robust quality assurance processes ensure that instructors deliver training of the highest quality.

Developed in Australia in 2000 and now internationally recognised in many countries, MHFA came to England in 2007 and was developed and launched under the Department of Health: National Institute of Mental Health in England (NIMHE) as part of a national approach to improving public mental health.

Source: MHFA England

MHFA worldwide

There are separate MHFA programs in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For details of training in MHFA available worldwide see: